Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Clean Room Solutions

GMP provides system solutions and components for all clean room applications. GMP systems have successfully proven their efficiency in locations where clean and constant conditions are required.
The clean room technology business unit of GMP covers the entire range of products and services within the field of clean room technology. We implement all kinds of projects for our customers, from the planning phase to the actual working of the turnkey systems.

Our main strengths within the field lie in the appropriate design of the Clean Rooms, implementation of concepts, harmonious collaboration with regard to performance, and hand in hand co-operation with regard to installation and commissioning of the systems.

This is rounded off by the performance of professional qualification services, a comprehensive range of after sales service and customized GMP Training.

Optimal protection of persons, products and processes

Clean room technology is the key element of modern and safe production processes in all fields, within which particularly high demands are placed on product quality and reliability in accordance with the national and international standards and regulations like GMP/FDA, ISO 14644, EU GMP, WHO etc.

These regulations primarily concern the protection of both products and processes, as well as protection of involved persons against detrimental effects and contamination. We provide you with individual and innovative solutions in accordance with state of the art technology (from laminar-flow benches to turnkey clean room systems), for which all relevant norms and regulations are taken into consideration – from laminar-flow benches to turnkey clean room systems.

Know-how in numerous fields of clean room application

Pharmaceutics industry
Active agent production
Genetic and Biological engineering
Medical devices
Automotive industry
Foodstuff Industry
Beverage industry
And for all other fields of application, in which a conditioned or controlled and ultra-clean environment is required for critical technologies.

Turnkey clean room technology – world-wide
GMP has been engaged in manufacturing units and systems to create ideal climatic conditions. The core business includes, among others, HVAC systems for all clean room classes and application areas, hygienic air conditioning solutions for all application areas of pharmaceutical industry, as well as climate conditioning especially for microelectronics & biotech industries.