Non Viable Particle Counter

Non Viable Particle Counter

Non viable particle counter:
One of the most common environments that incorporate contamination control into its standards protocol is the clean room. There are many preventive procedures in place within the clean room environment. Certain areas in the clean room have more stringent measures than others. Places such as packaging areas, corridors, gowning rooms and transfer hatches incorporate strict contamination control measures in order to keep to the clean room standards.
Semiconductor, hard disk drive, and flat panel manufacturers require extremely high levels of performance. Even a minor lapse in quality can result in severe economic loss. It is very important to precisely measure the environmental conditions and performance of vital manufacturing areas to ensure high yield of quality product.
Pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biotech companies, healthcare facilities and other regulated organizations are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the production, storage and testing of their products.

Key features of TSI AEROTRAKT Airborne Particle Counters:

  • One of the lightest portable Particle counters in the market currently.
  • AEROTRAK Particle Counters are fully compliant with ISO 21501-4.
  • Largest data buffer -10,000 records
  • AEROTRAKT portable particle counters are compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • These particle counters are calibrated to NIST traceable PSLs using TSI’s world-class Classifier and Condensation Particle Counters-the recognized standard for particle measurements.
  • AEROTRAK Particle Counters generate report for Federal standard FT3, Federal standard M3, ISO14644-1, EU GMP Annex 1.
  • Ethernet connection to integrate the AeroTrak into the real time FMS 5 monitoring system
  • The 100 LPM versions allow you to sample 1m3of air airs in just 10 minutes; shortening the time needed to perform ISO 14644-1 and EU GMP classifications.
TSI is the pioneer in contamination control & measuring products, and along with GMP it can offer wide range of clean room solutions. Handheld Particle counter:

The TSI AEROTRAKT Handheld Particle Counters offer the most features and flexibility for customers interested in low cost and versatile particle contamination monitoring. Backed with a standard 2 year warranty and TSI commitment for superior service and support, there is no other particle counter on the market today with such features and benefits. Read More

Portable Particle counter:

The TSI AEROTRAKT Portable Particle Counters offer the most features and flexibility for customers interested in manually monitoring particle contamination at high flow rates. These particle counters can be used as stand-alone portable counters or can be integrated into a facility monitoring system. Read More

Remote Particle Counter:

The TSI AEROTRAKT Remote Particle Counters offer the most features and flexibility out of any remote particle counter on the market today. Integration is easy using either Ethernet (TCP/IP) or Serial Modbus RTU communications. The instrument can be powered over its Ethernet connection (Power-over-Ethernet) to simplify installation, or via a local power supply. Configuration can be done locally with a PC or via a web browser. These particle counters can also store up to 3,000 sample records providing data redundancy. The instrument reports up to 4 particle sizes simultaneously and other key information. Read More

Calibration Facility

GMP also provides onsite/offsite calibration Services for TSI make particle counter. The calibration we perform according to ISO 21501-4. ISO 21501 describes a calibration and verification method for a light scattering airborne particle Counter (LSAPC)


  • Monitoring and Verifying Clean rooms
  • Hospital Pharmacies & Surgery Suites
  • Medical Device Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Food / Beverage Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Clean room Laundries
  • Aerospace Assembly
  • Auto & Appliance Paint Booths
  • Particles in Injections
  • Wafer Manufacturer
  • Disk Drive Manufacturer
  • Operation Room Monitoring.
  • Particle Generation Testing
  • Water for Injection
  • Clean Booth & Bench Monitoring
  • HEPA Filter Leakage Testing
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing & Packaging

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