GMP mono block/modular partitioning walls are fabricated by way of nominal 2 x 0.8/1mm galvanized/SS Steel sheets, lock formed quality (LFQ), minimal spangle with a Zinc coating of 80-120 gsm. They are Bonded with an Polyurethane foam, Honeycomb Paper Core or High Density Mineral Wool, forming a rigid panel to modular widths of 100 mm to 1200 mm and up to 6000 mm in height.

GMP modular walls have been installed in clean rooms throughout the world in a range of applications from pharmaceutical, high technology electronic manufacturing to legislation-controlled healthcare and packaging etc.

The system is readily adaptable to meet the requirements of most clean room classifications as determined by GMP grades used in pharmaceutical applications. Make up panels are produced within the sizing layout of the drawing. Panels are pure/epoxy polyester powder coated to 70-90 microns forming a smooth surface finish with 15-25% Gloss level.

A complete range of partition walls and ceiling systems are available to meet the technical specifications of controlled environment rooms. Ceilings as well as partitions are inert, non particle-shedding, forming part of a clean room aseptic envelope to enable compliance with FDA validation procedures and cGMP standards.

Full details of the complementary range of ceiling systems are available on request.